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Every Delicious 2 oz packet contains potent extracts of
Black Cumin, Black Raspberry & Chardonnay Grape seeds.

In the ancient civilizations like the Roman Empire, black cumin was called Panacea that literally
means to be a cure all and was used to fight inflammation.
Black Raspberry Seed has been shown to help support overall health,
and fight obesity.
Chardonnay Grape Seed is a powerful anti-oxidant known to
protect the brain, support healthy blood pressure, and to help
with allergies.
D-Ribose to fight fatigue, improve energy and mental clarity plus
anti-aging powerhouse Trans-Resveratrol, are added to every
delicious ounce!
Powerful Anti-inflammatory
Immune & Allergy Support
Potent Antioxidant for Heart & Anti-Aging
Supports healthy blood sugar & pressure
Energy, Mental Focus, & Improved Sleep.